What is it?

The betaboard is a prototyping platform.
That interfaces with both Amteml studio IDE and the seeed studio's groove hardware modules

Buy BetaBoard and Blocks

The first step is purchase the betaboard a the appropriate groove studio blocks.

Configure Blocks

To begin developing your prototype connect the appropriate groove blocks to the appropriate port of the betaboard

Program the BetaBoard

Download atmel studio and connect the board to your computer using the usb. Then compile and load the board

Upload your creations

Oncce you are done upload your reactions to so the world can see.


What’s In The Box?

Each betaboard comes with the basic components that you will need to get started with your first hello world project. However, for other projects you will need to buy the appropriate groove studio components

Mini-B USB Connector

that allows you to connect the betaboard to your computer

1 Betaboard

The betaboard intergrate LUFA MK-II programmer and Atmega32 chip on a single board


Instructions on how to download and configure Atmel studios


Order Now

It usually takes about 1-2 weeks to ship a betaboard